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Homemade Runs

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How much have your walk in runs cost to build.

i am thinking of building my own and want to know how much it will cost me roughly.


if you could include the amount it cos you and a pic of your run that would be a great help.


And also how many hens do you keep in them


the pics will help me see what i can get for my money.



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Ours was built this summer - it's 4.8M x 3.6M. In all I think it cost between £300-£350 - but we got the wire for free - which would have cost a lot. It's completely enclosed, wire all the way round including skirt of 2ft on the floor, and plastic corrugated roof.




We've got 3 bantams and 7 hybrids - I was going to get more - but this is enough given the size.

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This is ours, we bought it flatpack from lindasgrove.com, and assembled it in aboout 2 hrs. I think it was £395 including the timber, roof, built in hinged door, mesh and all the fixings etc. We then spent about £50 or so on paving stones and welded mesh to make it fox-proof.






Skye xx

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