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Any TV engineers out there?

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I have been given a 28" TV (CRT), about 5 or 6 years old, hasn't been used for two years. I got it all set up, and after an hour or so there was a crackle with an interrupted picture, then sound and vision went, accompanied by a nasty burning smell :shock: It is so heavy, I couldn't remove it from the house, but managed to get it off the TV table and manouvered it into the fireplace (best place for it to go up in smoke I thought :wink: ). It has sat there for about four weeks, I tried it out again the other day, and there is no picture, just sound. I don't need it as my own old telly works just fine, it's just a lot smaller. Shame really, it's a nice telly :? but I'm not in a position to have it repaired, and there's only room for one telly in the living room!


So I was just wondering before I call the council to dispose of it, anyone know what might have gone on it?


And what can I recycle from it :wink:

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