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Not Laying or something sinister?

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This week we have had three eggs from our three laying hens. They have all been darcy's and one Delia egg. This means Daisy, our prolific egg layer has not laid for a week. She has only ever missed two days since we got her in July. Is this normal for this time of year or could she be egg bound? How would I know if there was anything wrong? :?

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It is normal for this time of year.


If she was egg bound she would be displaying signs of not being well.


She would be on and off the nest trying to lay her egg, she often stands or moves in an odd way, usually with her tail held very low and her rear end tucked between her legs. Sometimes they just sit around looking ruffled, but often it is obvious the bird is straining to pass an egg.

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We are on three eggs a day now with the Pepperpots laying daily and only one of the Gingernuts producing, but still giving us at least 1 double yolker a week. The other Gingernut is moulting so I assume she is the one not laying...? I thought they didn't moult in their first year, but she is the largest of my girls so maybe it's to do with weight (?) and her comb has lost its brilliant red colour (or maybe it's the after effects of a dust bath)!

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