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A busy week

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well I've posted a few things since getting back from a little short break to Brusells on Eurostar this week


It was Joe's birthday on Wednesday and I wanted to take him away somewhere, but he didn't want to fly anywhere, nor did he want to go to Paris so we ended up booking to go with Eurostar to Brusells on Monday - got a great cheap deal with Nectar points/Ebookers and shopped round for a cheap hotel.


So, Joe Anita and Me took the caravan to Crsytal Palace caravan club site on Sunday (a bit scary taking a caravan round London don't you know :shock: )

Molly was left with our friend Emma who was also on chook sitting duty


I wouldnt recommend trying to get South to North London on trains and underground on a Monday morning, not least when carting two travel cases - Joe got left behind on one tube platform as there was just no room - a manic start to the morning. When we got to St Pancras tho, made up for it - its such a beautiful building just a shame the technology isn't up and running properley. The self service ticket machines crashed and we had to queue to get our tickets after faffing for over 20 minutes, I didn't get my coffee :(


The train is superfast tho, and we were in Brusells in just over 2 hours, very fast indeed!!


Spent ages walking around to find the hotel, spent ages walking everywhere to be honest and I still ache today but we found a lovely old tavern where we drank lots of strong coffee and hot chocolates, and even some beers and dined at a very friendly noodle bar (we couldnt find anywhere else to go as we liked the food too much!!) oh and the waffles :drool:


Spent a fortune on Wednesday before we left on lots of chocolates and little gifts plus some clothes and shoes cigs and beer. We bought so much we had to buy another case to get it all home :oops: still was a bit of a bargain as we got it for about £11.


We decided that we'd have champagne on the train coming back as it was Joe's birthday and we've got some lovely glasses that we kept from the train ;)


We spent Thursday in London to be a tourist for the day, so did most of the sights - the London Eye is amazing and even tho he doesn't like heights Joe wanted to go round again :shock:


Spent a fortune in Harrods, and went to the Tate Modern to see some of the collections and "the Crack". It's a wonderful thing, but ever so busy there!

Was just a case of getting home again yesterday and seeing Molly and the laydees again. Anyone else miss their chooks when away ?


Been a lovely week tho, and now decided that I want to decorate the hall stairs and landing before Christmas. Am I mad? :lol:




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Wow, what a fantastic week!! No, you're not mad about the christmas thing - the people in our road who have all the lights have started putting them up (37,000 lights he does!!) and he's switching them on next Saturday, so we (meaning I!) have decided we're getting our tree and putting our stuff up next Saturday too. In fact I'm such a kid I've taken a day off work for it!! :lol::lol:


Mrs Bertie

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Sounds like a great trip - I took my daughter who lives in dublin and I to brussels in July for 2 days and 1 night flying Ryanair - it was soooooooooo cheap and we stayed in a hilton hotel which was on offer - brussels was such a beautiful place - did you go to the Atomium. We did the open topped bus tour too and it was fabulous.

I do agree about the waffles - they were to die for - hot and in your hand at every corner-and oh the chocolate too.

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