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Night time chicks

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I am having a problem with my chicks, we have never closed the door at night, this is because once in a mad rush to get to work forgot to let them out and they were locked up all day!! :oops::oops: Anyway I have over the last few weeks noticed them out still at 11pm at night still pecking around in the run. When I get up sometimes in the night I check on them and they are still pecking around this can be any time from 5am...is this normal? :shock::shock:

I do worry that if the fox comes and sees them out it might frighten them to death literally. We have had 2 lots of chickens killed in the last 3 years so dont want to lose any more.

Looking forward to getting some advise

Trig x :lol:

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Is it very light or noisy where you are? Perhaps that is what is disturbing them


I used to shut mine in, but one hen always used to rush out and greet me joyfully whatever time I ventured out to close the door. I gave up in the end.


They can always have a kip in the day if they want. :lol:

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I've not heard of chickens being out at that time of the night before!! :lol:


Mine usually go in when it gets dark and we always shut the door (as we have noisy hens!).


just lately though when we have been opening the doors in the morning before its light they do come out in the dark for food/water.


I suppose the only way to have peace of mind/complete safety for the hens is to shut them in and write a reminder note to yourself !!!! :lol:

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I leave the door open for exactly the same reason as you, Trig - not willing to risk that again. Mine sleep all night though as far as I know. Do yours come out of the run because they can see and hear you?


I have been surprised how early mine get up, before it is properly light, but they are always in bed by the time it's dark.

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I checked the house today and can't see anything that would worry them...maybe they just like it outside. My last lot of girls were tucked up as soon as it started to get dark so just think its quite odd. :shock::shock:

Thanks for your comments I suppose there is nothing I can do...they seem happy enough. Gave them ready break last night as it was as a food to give them in winter. They absolutley loved it and I think they are waiting for todays portion :) Must go and feed them now.


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