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What to do when our chickens first get home

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Hi there

We are new to chickens and are getting our chickens on Friday. We are getting a flock of 6 bantam sized chickens. I would like advice about what to do when they first arrive. We have a Eglu cube and run with an attached 2m walk in run. I'm also concerned how to get the chickens into the Eglu cube to roost for the first time especially because they will need to walk up the ladder.

Any advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

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How exciting!

You can pop them into the Cube for half hour or so to settle a bit after a car ride. Some people advice on locking them in there for 24 hours. But personally I find that ridiculous. I think it would just add to the stress of moving. They might find it difficult to find the house at night and might need lifting into the coop for the first night. They’ll learn soon enough.

Adding some perches or maybe tree stump near the coop entrance, can help them getting in and out.

Have fun!  

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