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Chickens not laying

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Our chickens are 24 weeks old now and still haven't produced their first egg.


We have four Black Rock chickens who's point of lay is supposed to be around 20 weeks.


Is it simply a case of tough luck until the spring now since the winder has set it and the nights have drawn in (well they have up here in Scotland anyway!!)


Any suggestions gretly appreciated.




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Are we just being impatient then lol, we're desparate for our first egg you see :D


I know the feeling! Got our first egg off one ( age 26 weeks) at the weekend. Got them at 17 weeks so it's been a long wait!!


Our 3rd chicken, a Coral, also 26 weeks is makng no effort at all :roll: Good old Babs, who was 25 weeks old when we got her, was already laying so I don't know what age she was.

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I know how you feel (well, sort of) all our girls layed on the first and second day of having them, appart from Magic, who layed on day 19. They where all 21 weeks when we got them. Then we got Clover and Nutmeg, Nutmeg layed a week or so later but we are stil waiting for Clovers first egg and she is 34 weeks!!!!


I hope you get your fist egg soon, trust me it will be worth the wait!



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