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Erratic egg laying.....

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I am confused with my 3 ex batts as some days I am only get 1 egg...some days none and today I had 3 :D:D . I am getting a couple of soft shell ones too now and again. Can you tell me if this is normal at this time of the year or do you think they may be coming to the end of laying for good. ? [not that for a moment does that matter but just wondered if there was something going wrong ]

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Could be due to both Chickenlass - time of year and also age. They seem to lay less frequently with the darker nights and also with age. You will probably find that they lay a lot more in spring, but still unlikely to lay every single day. Soft shells can also be due to age, not absorbing enough calcium. I wonder if chickens need vitamin D in order to absorb calcium - I know humans do. And sunlight provides vitamin D - could be a link there!

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