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More reasons to shop at Morrisons

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Just been shopping in Morrisons (actually got chucked out cos I forgot they shut at 8pm :oops: )


I got some wine ( :lol: ) the wine was £7.99 a bottle reduced to £3.99, so half price (yay)


on top of that if you got 6 bottles, you got an extra 33% off it (double yay) so in the end I got 6 bottles of wine that should have cost me £47.94 for £15.95.


How totally fab was that. :lol::lol::lol:





(heres to a fab christmas Woooooo hoooooo)

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Morrisons is vitually our corner shop so we use it a lot for convenience.We are spoilt for choice for supermarkets here we can walk to Morrisons then we have a Waitrose and a Tesco within 10minutes drive, and an several excellent co-ops.




Down sides - crowded, huge slow queues. not so good for deli items and quality specialist ingredients


Up sides - cheap, great offers, good range of meat including cheaper and more unusual cuts, good fresh fish counter, nice bread.


Couperwife - was that the Kumala wine? we bought one bottle to see if we liked it, we did so will be back for more didn't realise about the 6 bottle offer. May be there later :lol:

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