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Hooky beak

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hmmmm, wonder if it will wear down over time? Maybe ring the breeder where you got her from as they should have done something about this before selling her to you, maybe they didn;t notice but they should certainly be able to advise you I would have thought?


If all else fails, try phoning the vet.


Hope someone comes along with a bit more experience of this problem.

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Haven't done it, but I would have thought you could trim it with a pair of clippers - like the ones you use for dogs claws.


I did try to file Liz's down with a nail file but wasn't at all successful. I couldn't work out whether I should hold her head steady and move the file, or hold the file steady and move her head. In the end neither worked and I gave up!


I was trying to do it because her beak had grown over somewhat becos of her nose ring. I gave up and it has sorted itself out. Masterly inactivity.

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