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We give our cube a proper clean every weekend, but the roosting bars and poo trays get cleaned/emptied daily. But that is only because we have time to do it, most people empty the poo trays every few days.


Of a weekend, we take the roosting bars out and clean them with warm soapy (we use washing up liquid, and a few drops of tea tree oil) We empty and clean the poo trays and clean the inside of the cube with a sponge and warm/hot soapy water. Then power wash the whole thing, and it gets dried with an old tea towel. The nesting box hemcore gets changed and fresh news paper goes in the poo trays. We have a walk in run, so we dont have the problem of reaching the ladder, I suppose you could just give it a hose down from the outside?


Hope this helps.



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Ecky thump - that sounds like a lot of hard work!


I am a country bumpkin - so my Cube - and Eglus before I got the cube - got cleaned out as and when they needed it.


Depends on how many birds you have and what size they are.


You will soon get to know.


You can clean them as often as you please of course - and as xChicken04x mentioned - they have the time.


Basically once a week or 10 days if the droppings tray takes that much - depending on amount of birds as I mentioned.


If you paint the roosting bars with plastidip - they are easier to clean - other wise in the winter, and if you only have one set of bars, I would just s"Ooops, word censored!"e them off - should be just dried bits on there.


The inside of the cube or eglu - sides and roof should not get dirty unless one of them was 'spiderman' in a past life - they just sit and roost once inside and deposit in the trays - and occasionally in the nest box.


Just use commons sense - if they need it clean them out. You don't want it smelly - Stalosan helps that.


In the summer it is easier with the lighter nights and sunshine - and they are not in the Cube or Eglu as long as in the shorter daylight hours in the winter.


Lots of tips around on how to keep it 'sweet' and cleaning agents to use - NOT BLEACH!


Have fun and enjpy your birds is the main thing.

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I am a minimalist when it comes to cleaning. I don't mind a bit of dirt, and the hens don't mind a lot of it. I wouldn't even consider cleaning the ladder, not ever.


The main thing is to s"Ooops, word censored!"e any loose stuff off the bars inside the Cube and empty the poo trays regularly. Everything else counts as spring-cleaning in my book.


I am very fussy about the feeders and drinkers being spotless, however: we all have our quirks. This is probably quite unnecessary too.


If you purchase a spare set of bars, you can dry the cleaned ones off indoors in winter when you do give them a special clean.

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