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Sick duck

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Any advice would be appreicated on a sick duck.

I have a pair of Aylesbury Crosses. They are about 8 yrs old (pets not for eating!).

The male who is usually in excellent condition has recently deteriorated (over a week or two). He has developed wet feather. i.e. he's not keeping his outer feathers preened and therefore become wet and then deteriorate. He is also weak on his legs.

He may have received a rat bite a few weeks back.

On the plus side he continues to eat in his usual voracious manner and there is no sign of runny nose or breathing problems.

I'm waiting for a response from the vet as to what he suggests (i'm relutant to take him to the vet unless he suggests it as from previous experience the stress of a vet's trip can be too much for a bird)

The female appears in good health.

Just wondered if anyone had any suggestions as to what it may be and remedies.


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