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i am thinking of which breeds to keep.I am thinking now of twohybrids for regular ish eggs(not sure which variey maybe the omlet recommended ones) and one silkie and one pekin or twosilkies or twopekins.ANy thoughts?

Can you keep silkies with other hens?I have read in one book that its best not to-is this true?

We had chickens as children but i have no up to date chicken experience!

Also how long do silkies and pekins lay for?And how long do pekins live for?Sorry for so many questions.......trying to plan my long term flock before i jump in too hastily for the prettiest ones!

thankyou again in advance for all your replies

I shall have to change my user name to 100questions.

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Really not the best person to help you here but wanted to say Hi :D

I haven't got either of those but they were both amongst the breeds we liked when looking in the summer.

I think Silkies are prone to broodyness -( someone might correct me on this :) )

I loved the Pekins, the are on my wishlist :D



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