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3 chickens need to find some friends!

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Hi everyone,


We've had our 3 chooks for 2 years now and got them as pullets in Sept 2005. We all had some very happy times until this summer when we were forced to move house (didn't want to but had no choice really). We brought the chickens with us to our new home but changes in our personal circumstances mean that unfortunately we can no longer keep them. :cry:


So if anyone is interested in taking on our 3 girls, Isobel (Bovans Nera) Morag (Speckeldy) or Priscilla (Rhode Star) then please leave a message here. We obviously won't need our blue mk2 eglu either so that will also need a home. We not bothered whether they both go to the same place though if someone wants an eglu and someone else just wants the chickens.


I'm not sure what the going rate is for a used mk2 eglu and accesories but we'll obviously make it sweet for forum members. If not there is always ebay!


The chickens are all healthy and have all had recent moults (one is laying every day, the other two are starting to think about it again!


So if you are interested or know anyone who might be leave a message and we'll sort out contact details. We live near Newmarket on the Cambs/Suffolk border but can help out with travel arrangements if required.


Thanks, Rob and Jo.

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