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Help, mystery death?

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I've been out this morning and my little pekin bantam is dead. I have another 1, a welsummer bantam.


I don't know why it has suddenly died. This is the evidence. Any ideas would be very much appreciated.


I moved the egglu to a new site last night and cleaned entire thing with washing up liquid (and rinced really well with hose). Fresh straw in nesting box. All nice.


She looks injured under the wing and top of beak looks a bit sore. There are quite alot of feathers in the run. Afew outside the run (but I guess they could have been blown there). Is it possible the other chicken attacked her to death, they are normally chums? Could a cat have got her through the wire? There are no signs of entry? I do not shut the door at night at the moment.


Please, any ideas to help solve this mystery of our little pekin?


Many thanks

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I am pretty sure it is not rats. The reason I moved the cage was because rats had burrowed in and were taking the food. I have moved them all way across other side of garden. If the rats had got in again, surely they would have just gone for the food instead. I am just not convinced it was rats.


As for the other one pecking her, I suppose it is possible, they normally get on just fine, friends in fact. The surviving chicken does look shocked I have to say, I let her out this morning and she went to roost high immediately, she has only just come done now.


Do they peck to death?


What about the cat theory?

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Some poor chickens have been attacked by a fox through the mesh of the run. Obviously the fox can't really get hold of them, but I think its teeth have been able to do some damage.


It's just an idea. I am really sorry to hear your news. What a horrible start to your day.

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Really sorry to hear your sad news. The only comment I can make about cats is that chickens seem very capable of holding their own against my 6, but that said there are some cats that could possibly kill one. Other than that I can't suggest anything.


Hope you and your other girl are ok.


Big Hugs x

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I'm really sorry to hear your news.


I have had rats living in my girls' run with no problems, in fact the rats kept out of the chickens way although they did sit in the bush watching for an opportunity to get food from the feeder.


But my hens are pretty big - even when they were young they were big and a fair match for young rats, which were what I had. So I don't have any experience of rats and bantams.


Its very sad for you and you have my sympathies.

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We can just see no signs of fox...i'm sure it is not rats, could be a cat?


I have noticed the other chicken has some feathers missing from her chest (bald patch no blood), has a small cut on top of her beak where it joins the head and her come is a bit sore on top. She is a lovely welsummer but I am beginning to think she may have had something to do with it?


Is it possible for her to be a murdering cannibalistic chicken?


My poor son (4 years old) keeps saying what a sad day it is. We have buried her and planted a spring flower on her grave. Silly I know but I couldn't bring myself to chuck her in the wheely bin.

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