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Broody hen

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I have 2 eglu cubes on wheels with 2 separate runs attached to a large walk in run. I can close the doors to the large run and move her under the cube in the shorter 9 foot run. It's fully wrapped in hardware cloth. What would you suggest to use as a ground floor nesting box? She's currently nesting in the longer run cube.



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They need to be separate and at ground level. As said, when they hatch they won't be able to climb steps. As you are, nature will take its course and the chicks will hatch and be unable to get back to security when they tumble down the steps to feed. It's not nature to hatch in a nest up steps, they would normally chose a secure bush and nest beneath it.

So you need to create a secure area at ground level. That is, secure from rats and the other chickens who will eat the chicks given the chance.

Very tidy setup you have there. You will need to keep the chicks separate for at least 12 weeks and the mother needs to return to the flock at 6 weeks. Rearing is the hard part; hatching is easy.

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