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Orange and Cardamom jelly

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OK, wild goose chase here methinks... I saw a recipe for this online a while ago, and I'm bothered if I can find it now! I've googled and the nearest I've found is either orange, rhubarb and cardamom, or orange, pomegranate and cardamom :roll:


I guess I could try the latter with just orange juice.... does anyone here have a recipe?

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did a quick google search and found this :


Orange jelly with lemon and cardamom

Nigel Slater

Sunday January 28, 2001

The Observer


(I halved the quantities to make enough for 4 people.)

"I get a childish kick out of serving jelly to adults. But they always enjoy it, and especially after a spicy meal. Use as little gelatine as you can get away with, so it shimmers, barely set, on the spoon. I use 7 sheets of gelatine to 1 litre of liquid, which means the finished dessert is too fragile to turn out, and I usually serve it in wine glasses. I add the extra one (leaf gelatine comes in packets of 8) when I am offering it to people who prefer their jelly to have a distinct wobble. The addition of cardamom is a subtle one and, I suppose, gives it a faintly Moorish tone. Enough for 8."


12 large and juicy oranges (to give just under 1 litre of juice)

1 unwaxed pink grapefruit

1 unwaxed lemon

6 green cardamom pods

7-8 sheets of gelatine


Squeeze the oranges. You need just under 1 litre of juice, so stop when you have enough, or do a few more if you stop very short of a full litre. Much will depend on the size, type and age of your fruit.

Squeeze the grapefruit and the lemon, but keep the juice separate from the orange, then remove 3 or 4 strips of zest from each with a short sharp knife. Pour these juices into a small stainless-steel or enamelled saucepan with an equal quantity of water and drop in the pared zest. Split open the cardamom seeds by pressing gently on them with the flat of a large knife, then add them to the juice and bring it almost to a boil. As soon as the juice is about to start bubbling, cover it with a lid and turn off the heat. Leave the juice to cool a little - about 15 minutes should be long enough.

Now slide the gelatine sheets - one or two at a time, rather than in a big lump - into a bowl of cold water, and let them soften for 5 minutes.

Remove the lid, stopping for a second or two to breathe in the wonderful smell of citrus and cardamom, then pour through a sieve into a large, scrupulously clean bowl. Reserve the cardamom seeds. Lift the softened gelatine sheets from the water (they will be just short of dissolving), and stir them into the warm grapefruit and lemon juice. The gelatine will dissolve in seconds.

Pour the orange juice into the grapefruit and lemon juice and stir thoroughly, making certain that every bit of gelatine has melted. Add the reserved cardamom pods into the juice - they will float around, apparently pointlessly, but will in fact discreetly give some of their flavour to the jelly as it sets. Refrigerate for a good 4 or 5 hours.

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Thanks Hon, I got that one (see my first post)


Oops! That'll teach me not to speed read!! :oops:


There has got to be a recipe for orange and Cardamom Jelly somewhere?


I'll not rest until I've found one. :lol:


Is it Cardamom or Cardamon?


You see both written and I'm never sure.


It probably doesn't matter.

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