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She's Crouching!!!!!!!

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Hi all, Just went to the window to make sure the girls where Ok, and Clover came hopping down the ladder, I quickly got my wellies on and ran to the egg port to find 2 brown eggs :? One was a perfect circular shape, which I know is Spice's and the other one was huge and dark brown with scratches on which I know is Uma's (she likes to sign her eggs.)

Then I went to give Clover a cuddle for trying so hard and she crouched!!! I nearly squeazed her to death I was so proud of her! I'm sure she crouched on wednesday when I went to pick her up, but I was too busy watching Magic play in the puddles :oops:.

She is 36 weeks on sunday so she is long over due! She should lay blue/green eggs which would be nice but at the moment I don't care what colour they will be!





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Its soooo exciting, no egg from her today :roll:

The only thing that I was a bit upset about is, I always give her cuddles and she loves it, but I picked her up today and she fussed and scrambled (covering my top in mud :evil:) and she NEVER does that, she loves her cuddles. Does anyone know why she doesn't like it any more? I just put it down to her feeling a bit uncomfortable? So I left her alone for the rest of the day, which was difficult, because I'm so proud of her!



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