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Chicken with an obsession!

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One of my new girls-Jasmine has started to fly at my head or shoulder every time I am in the run.

It makes no difference whether I am standing or crouching down-she will look at me for a few minutes and then launch herself at me. :roll:


This has been going on for a few days now. It used to be a case of her jumping on my lap to escape Rose but now it is just all of the time-bless her. :lol:

She poo's down my back, scratches my face/neck as she tries to get a good grip, cleans her beak on me etc :shock:

Last night she flew at me about 20 times in an hour and even when I got out of the run she saw me through the wire and flew at me. She was then clinging onto the wire mesh at the top of the run flapping like mad until in the end she sort of flopped down to the ground but she wouldn't go to bed because she was just staring at me and bobbing her head about waiting to see if I came back in!! :?:lol: Funny chicken. :D

It's also not because she is over friendly because she doesn't enjoy being touched or stroked she just wants to be on me.


Anyone else have a chicken with this type of stange obsession?? :lol:


I'm not moaning btw, just wondering if there is a reason for her behaviour :?

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Clip her wings and get a motorcyclists helmet!


It would be a shame if she scratched you badly.


:lol::lol: @ motorcyclists helmet!!!


Her wing is actually clipped, I'm hoping that she can fly because she is so young and very light. I'm only 5ft tall and she gets on my head from ground level! :roll:



So far I have not had any bad scratches but am fascinated as to why she has this obsession.

It really does seem that any pets I have turn out to be bonkers!! Must be something to do with the environment they live in, ie-with me!! :wink::lol:


I have three cats, two of which chew electric cables. :shock: It is a nightmare, I have even been electricuted myself because I grabbed a chewed wire!! :x

My dog is completely barmy also so I'm now thinking it is most definitely something to do with me!!! :lol:

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Are you so slim and sylph-like and always stand like a scarecrow, so she thinks you're a tree & is trying to roost on you? :lol::lol:


Mmmm, I think you may have hit on something there actually :oops:


It only happens when it's starting to get dark and I'm standing in there watching them all go to bed so that I can make sure that Rose doesn't pick on them. :roll::lol:


So-maybe she does think I am a tree :shock: Every night, rather than just going into the Eglu they are constantly looking up, I think this is because they want to roost up high.

They also go to the side of the run and look into the garden and turn their heads upwards-again, I wonder if they really are desperate to roost high. Thankfully I have not had them free ranging at bedtime-I reckon they'd be up the nearest tree!!! :roll:

They do seem to get in a panic at night-they run about making a cheeping sound-they don't sound like chickens, more of a cross between a bird and a cat. :?


Today is the first day that I have left the girls in the big run together all day.

Of course I have been watching them for most of the day and it didn't go too bad. :D


I have now removed the Eglu run, cleaned out the big run and put some perches and treats about for them.

Let's hope tomorrow goes well too.

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