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John Sentamu

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I totally agree. He is an inspiration.


I remember watching a series about York Minster and there was an evening service - it might have been Christmas Eve at midnight, but I seem to remember it being Easter. Maybe the Minster does a Holy Saturday midnight service? Anyway, the Minster was packed, maybe 2000 people. After the service John Sentamu stood outside saying goodbye to every person and shaking them by the hand. I think he was still there at 1am! He has got his priorities right and is prepared to speak out and use his position to heighten our awareness. I really admire him. 8)

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My best friend is from Zimbabwe, & her & her family fled several years ago to Australia.She then came here 8 years ago with her family,which is when we met.

They lost everything,& her parents who stayed on came her a couple of years ago after her father,who is very elderly,was beaten up :roll::twisted:


Its a horrible situation for them all.

She has now gone back to Australia ,but her parents are here & they truly feel like they don't belong anywhere other than Zim,but of course they cannot return.Ever.


So may people in limbo beacuse of the actions of one man :?

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he grabbed all the land back from the white farmers and made a total mess of it as the guerillas that took over had no idea how to farm the land AND I heard he has a huge estate in Scotland!


There's no oil in Zimbabwe though is there! :twisted:


good on Sentamu!!!

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He says what most of us are thinking but daren't say because of political correctness etc.


I read somewhere that Robert Mugabe has cancer of the prostate...so he won't be here for ever.


There will be further unrest when he goes.


It would be convenient if there was a coup whilst he is out of the country.

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