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chicken toy inspiration

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Various suggestions I've read on here - from memory :


Hanging up fruit or veg from the roof of the run (I tried a large chunk of cucumber today - they loved it :D )

Hanging a CD up (although no sun means no light reflection :? )

A dog's treat ball filled with lettuce/cabbage etc

A sweetcorn thingy (name escapes me :oops: )

Branches for perching (I've put in an old shoe rack - they use it a lot)


I'm sure there's more ...

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Hanging a CD up (although no sun means no light reflection Confused )


I tried that and scared myself half to death when I turned the security light on the first night and got a massive reflection. I think I thought it was the Beast of Bodmin or something! The hens completely ignored it and it freaked me out so I took it down after a couple of days!



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A couple a weeks a go I brought a treat ball that is ment for rabbits which I fill with corn which my chooks love to play with, admittedly it took them a couple of attempts to realiase that if they knock the ball corn comes out. Now when I let them free range they always run to it and give it a nudge to see what happens

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