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Quick answer needed about Holly Berries

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it's not on the above list but is on this one




I'd err on the side of caution if t'were me.


p.s. the background on the 2nd link makes the text hard to read so highlight the first line and drag your mouse down to highlight all the text, then you can read it. The way some people design web sites, pah!



p.s. I googled 'plants toxic poultry' if you wanted to do some more research.

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Oh dear!

I left the holly bush in my chicken run, its never had berries on it before. Typical, it is now covered! :roll:

The dunnock and robins are in and out all the time for them, but the chickens have ignored them so far. I'm tempted to wait and see as they are more likely to cause diarrhoea first than any systemic reaction. If the girls start on them they will be out!

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