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Thank you to everybody on the nesting box. I woke at 3am and could not sleep so after half an hour of tossing and turning decided i might as well get up and make a drink. I searched around for something to read and decided to check emails etc. Then I went onto the nesting box. I havn't had chance to recently so had lots of pages to read cand catch up on. Well three hours later I can say I have had a wonderful time, better than any magazine you can buy. I have read news, views, celebrity gossip, recipies, home ideas, shopping advice, problem page, tragedy stories, moral dilemma stories, quiz, tv updates........everything... you should get it printed!

I don't always add to the topics beacuse I am reading them well past their posting dates but I would like you to know I am with you none the less.

Happy Christmas everyone and thank you for a wonderful gift.


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