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Matt H

Should you close the door on the eglu at night with Guinea pigs in to keep them warm in Autumn/Winter

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Well we have been collating the door to it all summer and now wondering if we didn’t need to. I’m definitely doing it now it’s getting cold. But I’m worrying more and more about them in cold weather. When we have the door open during the day in the winter isn’t it going to be too cold? But it’s too small to keep them all closed up all day!

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i did this when i first got the eglu, but within a few days one of my piggies started limping really bad. i took her to the vet twice in one week because she couldn't put her foot down at all.  it turned out to be from being locked in overnight with very limited space to move in. since I've left the door open at night she hasn't had any more problems. 

Just bare this in mind if you're to lock them in, that it's no where big enough for them and maybe a 'normal' hutch would be better suited overnight. 

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