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Now they're real chickens!

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I know this has been said before fairly recently but I can't find the thread but really, what a difference an egg makes!


When we first got the hens at the end of October Big Zee was the only 'real' chicken - scratching and dustbathing and all those things. The other two sort of watched and tried to copy her but not with much enthusiasm.


I noticed that when Daisy started laying she became a chicken team with Z and they were off doing chicken stuff together.


But today, wow, what a difference. Now Lily is laying too it's like the brakes are off and it's full on chicken from here on in. Eating loads, poo everywhere, obsessively rushing to anyone who comes into the garden and, most of all, the scratching. For the first time today they've shown real interest in my flower border. I really had been thinking that I might be able to grow flowers and let the chooks free range but this afternoon they went from one end to the other doing formation S"Ooops, word censored!", S"Ooops, word censored!", Peck and I really fear for emerging spring bulbs and the crowns of my perennials. The chooks even look different now they're laying - erect tails, proud heads - gorgeous!


I'm loving having chickens, they really are a fascinating pet!



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