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3D films

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Has anyone seen any 3D films recently? We saw Beowolf yesterday and it really took me back to when I was young and saw 3D films with the red/green glasses at the IMAX film museum in Bradford (HUGE screen) :D The new glasses are plastic with polarised lenses.


BTW the film is not in my opinion a 12A :shock: as was very gory and not really my type of film, but it was an interesting experience with all the 3D effects and I've been thinking about it all day. It was wierd as semi-animated/live and not quite real.

It has in my opinion the best line in 2007 from Ray Winston,

"I WILL KILL YOUR MON_STA!" think muscley cockerney monster fighting legend/hero 8):lol: who decided to fight Grendel naked for no apparent reason :shock: and had lots of carefully placed people/objects and careful angles. Although pseudo-Angelina Jolie was naked apart from some gold paint :oops:

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