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Wall Hanging hanger

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I was hoping someone could help me with this :?


I was given a lovely quilted square for christmas which I want to use as a wall hanging but I have no idea where to get the necessary tool to turn it into a hanging or what they are called :roll:


It is about the size of a medium pillow and I want something that is not ornate in any way as it is so lovely in its own right 8)


Can anyone tell me what they are called or even better point me in the direction of somewhere online to get one from :?

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Argos do black curtain poles which extend. In the un-extended version, the two halves are quite short.


Homebase and B&Q also do short curtain poles - and you can rummage through those - or buy the dowelling but look in the curtain poles area for the end bits.


Do you want some photos?

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I have a fabric wall hanging on an old 5 foot long pine curtain pole that was cluttering up the spare bedroom. You could also use a clean garden cane for smaller pieces and a couple of those tiny wooden door handles stuck in the ends, and paint the lot to match.


If you are feeling rustic, what about a nice branch, with proper leather shoelaces to hang it up by or some plaited raffia? :D

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I have a Turkish rug which I used to hang on the wall, I stitched small brass curtain-rings to one end, and then ran a bit of dowel through them (quite a thick bit, as it was heavy) and supported it on two screws. Doesn't sound very smart, but once it was hanging up you didn't notice the screws, I guess brass hooks might have looked better.


Can't take a picture, as it's now being used as a rug again, and I took all the rings out! It was a good way to do it without damaging it.

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