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Poorly hen

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Hello all,

Any ideas: One of my little red hens doesn't seem to be doing so well.

She's currently spending a lot of time crouching and fluffed out, and looking quite sleepy. She was a little bit sick earlier, so I thought she might have sour crop, although she's not had access to anything except pellets and grit for the last few weeks. I picked her up and felt her crop, which felt like it might have fluid in it, but not so much food. I also noticed her poo was quite thick and green and I know she's definitely not had any green food which would colour it!

Any ideas? I thought about Myco. but she's not got any of the traditional symptoms of that...

I've booked her in at the vet - but unfortunately I can't get there until Friday because of work and my car is in the garage getting fixed.

I've ordered her some vitamins for the water too which should be here tomorrow.

Sigh. I hope the poor girl pulls through, the little thing is only about 2 years old.


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On 11/29/2022 at 8:54 AM, Beantree said:

Sounds like she has some kind of digestive problem, particularly bringing food up? Green poo, in the absence of a green diet, means to me an internal infection. Have you felt her abdomen/ bottom for swelling?

Well, I ended up giving her crop a good massage just in case, and two days later, she perked up. Took her to the vet today and according to them, other than the fact she seems to be struggling to regrow her feathers a little following some bullying and a heavy moult, she appears to be perfectly fine.

So god-only knows. Maybe she was just struggling to digest something and giving her a massage dislodged it...

I was quite worried because in my experience, when they start acting that way, their days are generally quite numbered. :/ 

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