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henny penny

Size of run/ egloo or cube?

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Hi very close to getting chickens. However they will need to spend quite alot of time in the run/coop. They will be let out at week ends. I was thinking of getting three chucks. Does any one have advice regarding size of run and whether ~I should go for the egloo or cube. Husband is unsure design wise but I'm more concerned that the chucks have enough room in the run. Any advice is welcomed- is there a recommended run size per hen?

Lots of questions racing through my mind please helpjavascript:emoticon(':roll:')

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we have 2 eglus,


We have 4 chickens and 2 in each eglu. Im lucky the fact that hubby works nights - so my girls free range all day. However when we are out they are in the run. We have the converter on the run and this adds some more space. I think 3 hens in and eglu with a converter would be fine.


Dont worry about not being able to let your girls free range, other people cant let their girls out either - and they are perfectly fine :) any time you can afford to let them out they will appreciate. Summer is much better as the days are longer.


I cant comment on the cube as I dont have one, the good thing about the cube is thats its ideal if you plan on adding more chooks as its so big - with the eglu you are restricted on the amount of hens. And because chooks are so addictive you might want to add some more - so the cube might be better for you.


We find the eglu's ideal for us because they are transportable - and when we go on holiday - the eglus and chooks go to my sisters! :wink:

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I have 4 hens in each of my green Eglu's, which both have a converter and extension.


I think the formula is one hen per I metre length of run.


The basic Omlet run is 2 m long and the extension and converter are 1 m each.


It works well and my girls seem to have enough room....although they do free range as often as poss.


The only drawback is that they is too heavy to drag around the garden and are now on permanent bases.


Hope this helps.

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I've just had the same questions. I recently got a cube and four bantums. Mine unfortunately have to be in there most of the time.


I feel guilty so I'm now getting an extension for the run. We are going to move it round the garden which is easy with cube and standard run but not so easy with extension I beleive.


Obviously the more room they have the better.

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I have a Cube and an Eglu, and I would definitely say go for the Cube. It is much easier to clean and move, even with the extension, than the Eglu and there is much more room for the chooks, particularly if they will be in the run most of the time. Also they can shelter under the Cube if the weather is bad.

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See I would say eglu and run converter just cause its then a nice long space. The think I dont like about my standard cube run and why Im building my own is cause the shape isnt practical, when you see them free range they run around, their is no space to run up and down a cube run its not even 2meters long. if your only wanting 3 chooks anyway you dont need a house as big as the cube anyway, so I would say just go for the longest run you can.

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