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Dippy knows how to cheer a girl up

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Just when sleep deprivation was finally getting to me and I was losing the will to live, OH arrives at the hospital to tell me that another of our chickens must have started laying as he found a pure white egg in the cube today. Fully intact and laid in the right place weighting in at 55g, Dippy has done the deed. - Just jelous I didnt make the discovery myself, as Im sure he didnt do the chicken dance.


Put a big smile on my face. Im sure I will post pic at some point if he doesnt come home and eat it first.

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Well done Dippy :D


White Star eggs are quite something, so white, and if she turns out like my Dippy she will lay for days on end without a break when she really gets into the swing of it, mine laid an 88g whopper the other day but still lays the occasional softie.


It's always great when something good comes in the midst of a load of misery :D

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