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Tessa the Duchess

The Big Issue

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My big issue man is lovely - he stands everyday outside Sandbach post office. He says hello darling & kisses your hand if you buy one. At Christmas he wore a Santa suit & had carols playing, so he could dance to them! I always want to give him a flask of hot soup & a hot toddy in this cold though! Bless him! I'll be buying one tomorrow!



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We used to have a nice Big Issue man, he was a loveable rogue although he was often in trouble with the law. Unfortunately now there are two that seem to alternate one is aman who is very gruff and barely speaks a word of English, the other is a woman, same thing, very gruff and never speaks. So I don't buy it any more, probably makes me a bad person but there you go :?


Mrs Bertie

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Good point, Dan.


I think Big Issue is great in many ways, including the fact that the sellers have a good product to sell, it's not begging.


The regular ones do become well known locally, don't they? :D I think some may be ex-homeless.


Big Issue seems really well run, I hope it is.

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