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Delia Effect

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I wonder with the current media interest in free range products this week involving TV, Radio, Newspapers & Internet, if the main supermarkets are preparing for a "Delia Effect" type stampede on their free range products this weekend.

If so will they cynically put the price up a couple of pence or take the "2 for a fiver" option?

If the supermarkets do this and the general public don't join in will there be some great offers available by Monday for the rest of us. :wink:

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Good question! If it works however, it will mean that going forward people will want to buy free-range products - they'll still use up what's in the fridge and freezer, so probably not such a rush as the famous 'Delia' episodes.


I think the biggest impact will be from getting people to try this for the first time. I switched to organic free-range eggs years ago, after accidentally buying a box by mistake - I could not believe the difference! I hope most people once they have tried them, or free-range chicken, would not want to go back to the other stuff. That won't stop them buying chicken and egg 'products' like sandwiches, mayonnaise, etc, though.

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hubby seems to think (cos he's in the know :wink: ) that initially there will be a "surge" but then it will die down. He said that because the free range product takes longer to produce that if there is a rugby scrum for free range that there wont be enough products to meet the demand! :?

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