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how many chickens in a cube

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I`ve got 4 chooks living a good life in an omlet cube with a standard 2m

run. I would love to get two more in the spring, my question is does anyone

have six in this set up and does it work ok.Omlet advertise up to six in this set up. Mine free range part of most days when I`m at home.



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I bought 6 chooks for my origional run following the guidence of omlet but it quickly became apparent to me that it was no way enough for them to be happy, hence my new build. I dont quie know how they work out that you can have 6 in a standard run when the general chicken keeping guidance is 1 chook per sqm of run space. by that the standard run isnt even enough for 2.


I think a lot of it also depends on how much you able to let them free range. Personally I wouldnt be happy keeping more than 2 in a standard cube run, as its not really a lot bigger than the standard omlet run. But a lot will also depend on what breeds to have as some are lazer/more active than others so cope with confinment differently.

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Until two of mine were swiped a few weeks ago :x, I had 6 Omlet girls in my standard 2m cube. I am not around during the week a lot, only later in the evening, so they only came out the run for maybe the afternoon on sat and sun each week, but with the horrible weather over the winter, they had stayed in their run.


They were quite happy pottering about, they didn't seem too cramped. I wouldn't want more than 6 in there - I plan to go up to 10 maybe later in the year, or next year, but will be getting the extension to do this.


I'm going to get another 2 girls in a week or two, and they are going to live in the standard 2m run, with my other four.

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I've always had the extension and started with 5 in there, then it was seven, all big hens, now there's 4 bantams as well, but that said they're out most of every day. I think wth 6 I would want an extension, my whole garden is a quagmire with this awful rain, if I had them cooped up in the run all day they'd be paddling in mud in no time at all. Plus there's a limit to how often jumping on a perch can be fun even for the dimmest of hens. (specially if three get on at once and the perch breaks which was the funniest thing in the world to watch! :lol: )


Mrs Bertie

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