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Euthanasia & Disposal Extortionate Cost

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I sadly had to take one of my older girls to the vets yesterday, a 6 year old hybrid, she had been looking increasingly poorly for a few days so it didn't feel right to let her carry on. I booked in for euthanasia with the exotics vet, but didn't think to ask the cost. I was stunned to be charged £82 - this was the cheapest they would do as they had to include cremation/incineration as she was classed as a "food animal" - I was not allowed to take her body home to dispose of myself. Is this something new, or are my vets being overly cautious in interpreting the law? I didn't have much choice other than to go ahead, but if they had mentioned this on the phone when I booked, I'd have rung around!

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That is an eye-watering amount to be charged @Parslee. I know the cost varies between vets, but the 'having to be cremated' is a new one on me. Perhaps the UK now has new rules having left the EU? We took a terminally ill and very large cock to our vet here in France because he was so strong I doubted my ability to despatch him humainly. The vet first sedated him and then gave him a lethal injection, the whole process taking 20 minutes. We bought him back for burial in the garden, having paid €18 (£15). 

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