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Quails killed in Eglu Go

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I kept quails in an Eglu Go and sadly something (rats?) has managed to kill 1 and maim 2 others through the wire of the run. This was despite the Eglu coop & run being sited inside a much larger walk-in enclosure. This is just a post for anyone thinking of keeping quail for the first time - unlike chickens they don't have the instinct to go inside at night and much prefer to sleep outside. The set-up of the Eglu, with the door at the opposite end to the coop, makes it really difficult to shoo them in or pick them up individually. (This is also the reason why collecting quail eggs in an Eglu Go is difficult, as they lay them all over the place). More experienced quail-keepers advised me that you can't train quail to go in like chickens so it's better to allow them free range of the run both day and night - but obviously this leaves them very vulnerable to predators. Hence the Eglu is brilliant for chickens but not suitable for quail. I've since bought a rabbit hutch with a hinged top for easier access and it's working much better as I can now easily pick my quail up and tuck them in safe at night. 

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