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Super cochin

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Lauren my cochin started laying this week. All the books say that they are useless layers and to expect 100-120 eggs per year. That's roughly 1 every 3-4 days. So far she has laid for three days, had a day off then laid for two days.

Anybody else have laying cochins?

What are other people's experiences?

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Well done Lauren :D


Boots my black cochin has laid fairly regularly for the last number of weeks, definately more than once every 3 or 4 days (I didn't know they were poor layers :? )


She is so noisy when she has done the deed, and lets every one know :lol: oh and her eggs are a little on the small side for such a chunky chook :wink:


Karen x

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I thought cochins laid about 200 a year. around 3 a week. The guide to get on pure breeds does differ sometimes quite a lot depending on where you look. I think a lot depends on the exact blood lines of the birds, as they prob vary a bit.


Im more impressed that she chose January to start laying!

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It was impressive that she started laying in January. I have found several references in books to how many eggs to expect in a year. One book says 100, one says 110, one says 120 and another says 150. I suppose that it depends on the author's experiences with the breed. 200 would be nice though.

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