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On 3/1/2023 at 7:05 PM, Matthew in Vermont said:

I live in an area with a bear population. They raid chicken coops often, I'm wondering if the plastic coop will not hold odors since it is easier to clean and might not attract them? Anyone had one of these in a bear prone area?

I know Omlet themselves posted a video of a bear trying to get into a Cube. The run was damaged but intact and the house was undamaged as far as I remember. Not sure the fact that the coop is plastic will make it hold less odour. They will poop in the run as well and can imagine that attracting bears as well.

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We don't get many bears here in deepest, darkest Oxfordshire but I'd imagine that any caged birds might look like an absolute gift to a hungry ursine! There will be odours whatever you do and however clean you keep them.  Our Classic would have been easily overtuned by anything larger than a big badger. Some things are just not meant to be but I admire your optimism! Good luck!


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