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World Book Day

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I know there are those of us who work with children on here....it was World Book Day today and I wonder if anyone dressed up? I work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday as a TA in a primary school and sighed in relief when I saw that TODAY (Thursday) was World Book Day. However, my Head in her infinite wisdom decreed that TOMORROW was the big day! Gah. So I shall be heading off tomorrow as The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 

Did anyone else dress up today? Or dress a small one? And, if so, as what/who? 

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Wow! Impressive. I kept my caterpillar hat and cardboard discs on all day (my hair suffered though!) and am now trying to find somewhere safe to keep the outfit as I am determined to wear it again at some point!

PS Hope all is good at Henley? Nat had a shocking first year and has lost his IT mojo.......just waiting to hear about work placement to try and gee him up!

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