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Best bedding for chicks?

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I have chicks which are now 2 weeks old. They have been on kitchen paper so far but I want to give them new bedding and wanted to know what people recommend. It’s become a bit of a minefield. Wood shavings come out on top with some searches but then they also say it can be a silent killer. There’s straw but should straw with oils be avoided? A lot come with a eucalyptus or pine oil and I assume these should be avoided until the birds are on the perch at night? Then there’s hemp but there’s hemp sold for chicks “hempchick” and hemp with oils. What’s the difference? There’s also sand, but what type of sand? It all seems complicated with warnings if you get it wrong chicks could die. Hopefully some people can share there experience to help me and others. Many Thanks 

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Don't use hemp! We tried it and it went under their toe nails and we had blood all over the place followed by a lot of bandaging. We had them on kitchen paper for the first two weeks as you, then used 'play' sand up to 4 weeks; been cleaned and isn't sharp. We bought it from a DIY store in 10kg bags. Sieved the poos out every day until the sand stank too much and it was then scattered over the lawn. After 4 weeks we used 'small rodent' wood shavings from a pet shop. After 6 weeks they went outside to a coop with standard wood shavings, but we had to take out many wood splinters first.

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