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Vent Gleet - tried everything! :(

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One of my hens has vent gleet (wet discharge continuously, runny pooh stuck to feathers, wet feathers, red skin…) she is 2 and stopped laying at 1.

Seems perfectly fine otherwise, lovely feathers, clear eyes and nose, eats well etc

have tried washing with water, water and acv, she is on probiotics and also have been applying canesten (the normal one) in and around vent, at one point also applied antiseptic cream to skin, has been regularly wormed, has vitamins, no thing other than hen food, and the other hen is fine.

anything else I can try?… she does look a bit miserable as her bottom is so wet and dirty……

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Not sure it is vent gleet @Cats&Chickens, because the first thing you would notice is the smell. Probiotics would be my recourse, but you have already tried that. What did you give her? ACV could mess things up, as could over-worming plus all those creams. All I can suggest is to stop all the other treatments and just wash her bottom regularly to prevent fly strike. As @Cat tailssays, perhaps a vet can help? We've had this before many times and we've just kept their bottom clean and they have sorted themselves out.

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Hey, I have just managed to rid of vent gleet in a hen. It takes forever! I applied canestan in the vent and around the vent every other day. Vaseline the area where it runs down. You can also give lavender oil baths which seem to help the sore skin.  The vet originally said once a week but I just found I was going round in circles.  I did intense daily reapplication of canestan, then spread when the leaking stuff slowed down. Kefir or natural yoghurt every 3 to 4 days too. It was intense but it works. I washed of all the stuff every time I applied for the first 10 days too as I just felt anything on her was bacterial and therfore could re infect. Hope some of this is useful.

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