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louise C

Lottie's first egg!!

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I have had my Lottie since November 8th. She has finally today, after 14 and a half weeks, laid her very first egg!! :D:D


I am so chuffed! My other hen, Matilda (she also arrived on 8/11/05) laid her first egg 5 weeks ago. Everyone says how wonderful the eggs are, I can vouch for that now! I am going to have Lottie's egg tomorrow! How exciting!!! :D:D

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Congratulations Louise and well done Lottie. There's no other feeling like the first egg feeling. Clare will be along shortly Louise to show you the 'first egg dance!' :lol:


Reading this thread this morning has broken my dream. I was having a tidy up yesterday and wiped over louise's (our chicken) first egg and it must have been on my mind when I went to bed. In my dream I picked the (yolkless) egg up to clean and dropped it. It smashed. :cry:


Maybe it's a combination of Laura's mug incident too - how bizarre! :?


Good job it was just a dream. Egg still ok in real life :D

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