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Need to separate the eggs from one hen - any ideas on identifying?

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One of my girls (Calamity) is being treated for sour crop and the vet has said that we now can’t eat any eggs that she lays - ever! Calamity has five sisters - all rescued hens and all different ages - and they all live in a large coop and run at our allotment, so I don’t see who is laying. I have a rough idea, but can’t be completely sure. We don’t want to have to throw away all the eggs we get from now on - we still get about 2-3/day on average - but don’t really have space for another run to separate Calamity (and wouldn’t want to keep her on her own anyway).
Does anyone have any bright ideas for how I can identify any eggs Calamity lays? Someone suggested lipstick on her vent, which I can see would colour the egg. Any other thoughts welcome though!

Thanks in advance!

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I haven't ever come across an effective way of identifying the layer of an egg, other than being there and watching. Lipstick around the has been suggested many times before, but I would expect it to be removed when she poos? No-one has returned to the post and confirmed it is successful.

Calamity must be on an antibiotic then. The vet is quite right; in small quantities you can become allergic to that antibiotic and options for people who are allergic to several other antibiotics are running out and they may need to use the same one as Calamity. So certainly don't let anyone else have any. The choice to eat them is yours though. The theory is that the antibiotic will be contained in microscopic quantities in every tiny undeveloped yolk on her ovary forever. My opinion is that there could be equally microscopic quantities in any animal product, so does it matter?

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Thank Beantree and Blackrocksrock!

It is indeed the antibiotic that is the issue. Calamity is home now, but not better yet and I have three meds to give her - including the ab! She won’t be laying anytime soon, so I have a little while to work out a solution. I’m not sure about the lipstick - I agree that it seems like it’d need reapplying frequently and doesn’t sound great/comfortable for her (especially over the long term). Will have to see what works though!

Thanks again!

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