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Help needed with holiday wardrobe!

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Hi - being as you are all so good at getting bargains & advising on what to buy & what we MUST have, I thought I'd pick your expertise!

I'm going on holiday to Thailand mid February and I need a new holiday wardrobe. I don't want too much & don't want to spend much. Reason being that things are so cheap out there & I want to go with just basic essentials and a very light emptyish suitcase!

I already have sarongs & a couple of bikini's I bought in the sales. I have my sassari crocs to wear at night with my little dresses.

I am needing probably a few shoestring t shirt tops

3 - 4 pairs of shorts, literally for wearing only for breakfast or day trips. The rest of the time will be bikini & sarong on the beach!

3 dresses ( I might be ok here).

a couple of lightweight floaty crop trousers & floaty tops ( cool as poss)

A decent comfy outfit to travel in all that time!


Beach bag ( I may make one or buy an Omlet bag)

Please please help on where to buy these cheaply at this time of year!

Any advice on a mix and match holiday wardrobe would also be great!

I need to travel light as my case will be stuffed coming back!!! :D

I have looked at Next online, a few nice bikinis there - but nothing else takes my fancy & the prices are bit :shock: for stuff that will then have to be put away until later in the year. A friend offered to lend me some clothes bless her, but then realised that she's away at the same time as me! he he.



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Our local Matalan had hints of Summer Things the other day -


if you look carefully you can find some really nice things that no one would believe came from Matalan and they don't cost a fortune.


By the end of the month more places should have summer stuff as soon as they have cleared the sale racks. I remember looking for a warm jumper last year in Jan/ Feb only to be told that they were stocking summer items now :shock:

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Oh yes - Cheshire Oaks! Of course, they would definitely have some summer items!!!

Will definitely look in Matalan & Tescos. I have had a look at what I have got put away from last Summer and some bits are fine - I'd forgotten what I'd got! :oops: But bikini's I am short of - so I will definitely take a look at the above mentioned places! Thanks everyone!



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