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|CRISIS - Cockerall stuck in tree

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hey have strated sitting on the roof of the shed - which is a bit of a pain but not the end of the world. So I went to get them off and the Cockerall flew up and is now on a high branch in the tree.


It is now cold, and chucking it down and dark. Both tyhe Cockerall and I are drenched.


Have tried everything but no luck.


What am i suppossed to do now?

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Thanks for advice. I finally got hhim off by putting one leg on the shed roof, one on the ladder and pulling the branch down by about 5 foot. It took me another 10 minutes to find a way of picking him up with one arm and not lettinng go of the branc. If I had, it would have bben a very large catapult. He was absolutely drnched and cold.


I did think I was going to make an appearance in the Darwin Awards!! :lol:

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Oh I remember throwing wellies and all sorts of stuff up a tree to get the chickens down. They actually slept up there a lot of the summer as they just never got trained to go in the eglu... My fault! the fox got them in the end... But wild chickens sleep in trees so they are following their instincts with no thought of cold and wind and rain - don't they originally come from rain forests? Oh well, glad you got him down, but it could have been a scene from a film!!! :D


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