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cleaning out

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Ours are on bark/wood chippings thats about 10cm deep and every now and again I rake it through the run entrance to turn it over, this has worked well for the last 6-7 weeks though when I replace it I'm going to put hemcore down. When it rains the poo gets washed through the bark though I cover the run if it rains alot.

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I suspect you might just have to "poo pick". I have hemcore which magically absorbs the poo. Having said that, the hemcore has all but disappeared and I'm noticing poo sitting about which I don't usually.


It must be the weather ... mine are now on bare mud (with poo :( ) despite the fact that I keep adding hemcore. It seems to vanish!

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Ours are on bark chips and in the summer it was fine because they could dig it over quite effectively and the poo was washed through when it rained. Now in winter everything is so soggy despite most of the run being covered and I pull the worst bits out with a rake or I also have one of those three pronged garden cultivator tools that opens up the surface a bit and drags the worst out.


Hubby has moved the run off the area and dug it over a couple of times which has helped a bit. I had forgotten about garden lime, I'll have to try that too.

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