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Hormone Injection

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One of my hens has been diagnosed with egg yolk peritonitis and is currently on antibiotics which seems to have resolved the immediate concerns. We had a rough week and a half but she seems back to her almost normal full self now. 

The vet mentioned a hormone injection which will prevent eggs being produced and therefore eliminate the above condition, and I assume negate the need for daily antibiotics. The price I have been quoted is roughly £150 every three months. 

I’ve attempted to Google this but haven’t really come up with anything consistent. Some people say the injection only lasts a few weeks, others say it can last 9 months to a year. 

My questions would be, does anyone else have experience with this? How long does the treatment last and is the price I’ve been quoted fair? There’s not too many hen friendly vets near me so I can’t really shop around too much.  

many thanks. 

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I  realise this topic is a couple of months old but just wanted to give my experience in case it is useful. We had the same scenario, a hybrid with peritonitis, treated with antibiotics, then the vet gave her an implant to stop ovulation but couldn't really say how long it would last. The chicken was about 18 months old at the time. She never laid another egg, and went from having regular bouts of low grade illness to being a perky, lively bird for the rest of her life. We lost her last year at age 6. Can't remember how much we paid the vet as it was a while ago now.

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