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So glad I've got no more room.....!

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I visited our local poultry centre today and they have re-jigged their pure breeds to show them off better. I never thought I would get the chicken collecting bug but I am really glad I have no more room or I would be over-run!


They had some gorgeous black and white striped bantams, some fantastic old fashioned looking rust coloured hens (they had a german name), white polands, white silkies with some gorgeous chicks, laced wyandottes (now I understand why you lot love them - they're so striking!) as well as other breeds I recognise from discussions on here.


Maybe when we get more space.....



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I was originally going to get 3 chickens, then it went up to 7 and now I have 15 with another 2 cochins on order for later this year and a blue egg laying hybrid.


We are now planning a run which will take up a huge chunk of the garden.

It certainly is addictive. Even hubby has the bug.

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