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I have two autodoors, one more than two years old, one less than six months.  I only use the door function on battery.  The batteries are new. The older unit won't give access to the programming menu.  It is stuck on the page that reports the mA, and speed etc.  The value reported are all zero.  I have tried all the usual tricks - with and without the door connected.  When I pull the batteries and reset it, it cycles through a couple of pages (e.g. the light Y/N page) and does allow me to change this value even though I'm not using it, but I'm locked out of all the other pages.

The second, new door is also playing up.  The clock seems to have failed.  Unfortunately when I change from time to light to avoid using the clock, there is an autotimer built into the light function, so the light function doesn't work either.  The manual function still works.

Where do I go from here?  There is a lot of money tied up in these doors, and neither of them works.

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There have been a fair few posts on this subject and I don't remember any being resolved? 

For the first door, did you leave the batteries out for long enough?

Second door, sounds like it needs a new control board? What does the manufacturer say?

15 years I've been getting up at dawn to open the pop-holes and going out at night to shut them. Never been tempted to buy auto-doors, both because of the cost (9 coops) and because of their unreliability. I'd be going out and checking dawn and dusk so I may as well open and close them.

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