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Bored chickens...

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Hello all,


Assistance please! I am off on holiday in a couple of weeks, and my neighbours are kindly keeping an eye on my girls for me. However, I don't expect they will be brave enough to let them out of the run. Therefore I am looking for things to put in the run to keep them entertained. Boredom = very noisy hens in our garden, and I won't be around to run and let them out at the weekend!


In the week their noise isn't a massive problem as most neighbours are at work. However, at the weekends it is more of an issue, esp as I normally lock them in until 9am on Sunday mornings so everyone can have a lie in! Eglu door will have tp be open all week, so need some extra diversions. CD's didn't get a second glance, I hung a whole lettuce up on Friday night to see how long it would last, and it had disappeared by 9.30am Sat morn, so food isn't going to be succesful either!


I welcome your suggestions!


Many thanks in advance,


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Also a whole cabbage hanging up should last them a lot longer than a lettuce. :D

Mine get whole cabbages hung up or just chucked on the floor, corn on the cobs, those cage bird feeder things stuffed with goodies, a bunch of celery hanging up, half a swede, parrot mirrors with bells on, perches, dustbath, a rubbery parrot toy (which is oval shaped and has holes in it so that you can put treats in), a whole cucumber, parrot seed blocks (Like peck a block) my last one was from Pets At Home and it cost around £7 and lasted them about 3 weeks, CD's, football, plastic light weight balls from a ball pit and things like that.


I am going to get them a cat ball which lets treats fall out as it gets rolled about. Think they'd like that filled with sweetcorn. :lol:


Can't think of much else at the moment although mine do enjoy a bag of chopped, compacted straw put into the middle of the run with mixed corn hidden in it. :wink:


They also really enjoy their new water bottle which is a 1.1 litre bunny drinking bottle, they all queue up to use it even though they also have a full glug. :roll:


Just read that back and realised that my girls do sound a little spoilt but it's only cos I loves 'em so much :D:roll::oops:

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Well I have been busy since I last posted. I have made a perch from 2 wooden blocks and some left over curtain pole, just need to weatherproof it before I put it out tomorrow.


I like the idea of a peck a block. However, this does look like something I could make myself, and set it around a tent peg to hang up. Anyone know what goes in it?!



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