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tinned fruit smoothies

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my mum gave me several tins of fruit salad which have been sitting in the cupboard for ages as I don't really like fruit salad, but i never look a gift horse in the mouth ;)


Anyway, suddenly had the idea to whizz up a tin of fruit salad and a pot of pineapple chunks (in fruit juice of course) in the blender, to make a smoothie and it was lovely!


The pineapple pot had loads of fruit juice in it but you could add extra from a carton if you wanted to.


It was just enough to fill 2 large highball glasses.


If we buy fresh fruit it tends to sit in the bowl so I think I'll stock up on the tinned fruit and leave it in the fridge, ready for my next smoothie craving :drool:

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the fruit salad was in light syrup but the pineapple was in fruit juice. I don't buy fruit salad myself so it was a good way to use it up or it might have sat in the cupboard forever.


I'll be buying tins of peach, pear and pnieapple in fruit juice and using them next time.

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